The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest and best race meeting of the year and is THE one every racing fan wants to win at.

….Unfortunately it’s also the hardest! Trying to finish in front at the end of four grueling days and 28 top class races is the ultimate challenge for any punter.


For years I struggled to unlock the secret to the Cheltenham Festival and no matter how hard I tried or which method I used I just couldn’t find the key to consistently winning at this great, once a year, meeting. Like most punters, I had some good Festivals and some bad ones, I even had the occasional great one. But overall it was a losing battle with the bookmakers always seeming to have the upper hand.

Until one day when something truly amazing happened.

This is a story of coincidence, a lot of research and above all a realisation that I had been approaching the meeting completely the wrong way.


It all started about 5 years ago when I bumped into an old friend in a back street London pub. A bit of a coincidence, but nothing really remarkable about that I know. However unbeknownst to him, or me, that chance meeting would lead me to finally finding the answer that has sent me on the road to continuous Cheltenham Festival glory.

I’ve never looked back and now after four extremely profitable Cheltenham Festivals I want to share the secret of my success with you.

It was a bit of a tradition for me to catch the train to London and to meet up with some friends on the Friday, Gold Cup Day, of the Cheltenham Festival in an East End pub. Good beer, good company, racing on the telly and a betting shop right next door. What could be better? It was the perfect end to the Festival.

Back in 2015 an old friend, Tom, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years decided to join us and after a quick catch up we settled in to watch the racing.

The 2015 Festival wasn’t a good one for me. In fact I “did my brains in” that year but not Tom. No matter which race or what horse won he invariably had the winner, and at much better odds than it returned. And apparently, according to mutual friends, it had been a similar story for the previous three days of the Festival.

It was driving me crazy, my horse running no race at all while Tom cheered home winner after winner. Surely nobody could be that lucky? How did he do it? What was his secret?

…..So I asked him.


It turned out he simply backed horses that had been winning the big races on the lead up to the Cheltenham Festival. He wasn’t betting them on the day of the Festival but rather days, weeks even months in advance.

Wait, what? That was it? That was his big secret?


He showed me spreadsheet after spreadsheet of horses he’d backed ante-post, some up to 6 months before. All horses had won, or performed well, in the big races dotted throughout the National Hunt Season. Usually he backed more than one horse for the same Cheltenham race but by backing them all straight after they had run well and far in advance of the meeting he was getting some great prices.

So by the time the Cheltenham Festival came around it usually meant he was cheering multiple horses in each race and no matter which one won he was making a profit

……..So that’s how he got so ‘lucky‘!

I never knew how much he staked in total or whether he had won or not overall over the four days but what I did know was, that Tom almost always seemed to have the winner of each race and he always had a better price than they returned.

Which got me thinking, maybe there’s something in this. I’d seen it work with my own eyes, I just needed to find the right races, the right horses and the right odds.


So in the Summer of 2015 I set about researching EVERY race run at the Cheltenham Festival over the previous 10 years to isolate where the winners and placed horses had been running in their preparation for the Festival.

That was some undertaking and it took me a lonnnnngggg time but boy, the results were as good as I had hoped. The same races just kept coming up, year after year, Cheltenham Festival after Cheltenham Festival.

Not just the big feature races run throughout the season at the big Grade 1 tracks but also more obscure races run at smaller tracks throughout the country. And it wasn’t just the race winners that were going on to Cheltenham glory, in some races I found that being beaten could work in a horses favour when heading to the Festival. Sometimes even just contesting specific races was good enough to suggest a great shot of winning at Cheltenham in March.

It was a Eureka moment and I was now confident it would work. All I needed to do was select the best and most informative prep races. I whittled my long list of possibles down and the result was 66 top NH races that hold the keys to most Cheltenham Festival races. I put together the list and named it…..



A few, select customers joined me in that first 2015 – 2016 Season as I tracked the races one by one, analysing the results and selecting which horses to back using the information I had collected from my indepth research. I relayed this information to my subscribers and by the time we arrived at the Cheltenham Festival we had an Ante-Post portfolio consisting of bets worth 31pts spread across the four days of the meeting.

That 2016 Cheltenham Festival went really well and we had covered our total ante-post outlay by the middle of the second day thanks to a couple of 14/1 winners, Minello Rocco and Blaklion. Everything from then on was pure profit and with the likes of Ballyandy, Vautour and Thistlecrack all obliging over the last 2 1/2 days we ended the week well in profit, up 16.63pts and with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 53%.

Route 66 had really proven itself and I couldn’t wait to start all over again that October…..

With that first Season under our belts Route 66 has gone from strength to strength and has supplied a steady stream of big priced win and placed horses at odds of up to 66/1.

Winners like Kilbricken Storm 33/1, Le Prezien 25/1, Beware The Bear 20/1, Defi Du Sueil 16/1, Frodon 14/1, Baklion 14/1, Sizing John 12/1, last season’s banker bet of the meeting, Paisley Park, at a massive 16/1 and many, many more….

All backed at odds many times bigger than their SP on the day

It’s got the bookies running scared…..they’ve closed my betting accounts, they’ve restricted my bets and they’ve removed all their concessions. And no wonder….

It recorded record profits during the 2016-2017 Season thanks to three winners at 16/1, 12/1 & 7/2 and multiple placed horses including Lil Rockerfeller at 50/1.

From a total stake of 33pts we returned 59 points total for a return on investment of a whopping 79%

The following 2017-2018 season we scored a remarkable last day double at 33/1 and 25/1 giving us an impressive near 37 point return from a 26 point portfolio.

Which leads us on to last Season’s impressive set of results that included backing the red hot winning favourite Paisley Park at 16/1.

We were already in front by the time he won the Stayers Hurdle having backed big race winners Beware the Bear at 20/1, Frodon at 14/1, Top of the Game at 10/1 and Tiger Roll at 4/1.

We also managed a number of big priced placed runners that year including Itchy Feet at 40/1!

The portfolio returned a very healthy 50 points last Season giving us a return on investment of 43%.

Backing all the selections to the recommended stakes gives an impressive set of figures for the 4 years Route 66 has been in operation….

Route 66 Results (2015 - 2019)

Yearly Points Profit (to recommended £20 stakes)

2015-2016     +16.63pts (+£332.60)
2016-2017     +26.00pts (+£520.00)
2017-2018     +36.95pts (+£739.00)
2018-2019     +14.91pts (+£298.20)

Ante-Post Winners by year:

2015-2016   winners at 16/1, 14/1, 14/1 & 8/1
2016-2017   winners at 16/1, 12/1 & 7/2
2017-2018   winners at 33/1, 25/1, 9/1. 5/1 & 10/3
2018-2019   winners at 20/1, 16/1, 14/1, 10/1 & 4/1


I’m now going to take you inside these powerful 66 Race Guides and show you how they can transform the way you approach betting at the Cheltenham Festival.

Using the the actual guide from last year’s Ascot Hurdle I’ll show you just how to find the right horse to back for the right Cheltenham race. (Clicking on the link below will bring up the Route 66 Guide)

The Ascot Hurdle is race number 24 of the 66 races covered and is run over 3 miles on the Saturday before Christmas. 

As we will see it’s a very important trial for the Stayers Hurdle and can usually be relied upon to produce a very strong contender for that Cheltenham Festival Race. But first let’s take a look at the other information contained in the Guides….

Under the race title are the winners from the last 12 renewals.

I use this information along with the trends and the trainer records to make a selection for the race. This gives us an interest in each race before the real fun begins…..

For each and every race covered I have thoroughly researched the records of EVERY horse that has run in the race going back 12 years. I’ve noted how many have gone on to run at that Season’s Cheltenham Festival, which race they have targeted and how they have performed.

And it’s a real eye opener. The SAME races are providing winners for the SAME Cheltenham Festival races EVERY year.

For this particular race, the Ascot Hurdle, it has proven itself to be the very best pointer to the Stayers Hurdle.

Each Route 66 Race Guide contains this information and will point to various races run at the Festival. Using this analysis and after reading the post race interviews with connections, I then watch and re-watch the race to spot the horse or horses that have run well.

This then leads to the all important race review and Ante-Post Recommendation.

If I feel there is a horse worth backing, the odds are appealing and we know his likely Festival race target he becomes a bet….

Here I was particularly taken by the winner Paisley Park and, because the bookmakers didn’t share my enthusiasm at the time, we managed to get a very generous 16/1 on him for the Stayers Hurdle.

These recommended bets are all clearly marked with the selection, the odds, the points to bet and the bookmaker offering the best odds and terms.

Absolutely no confusion or ambiguity about which horse to bet.

Over the course of the Season these bets come together to form the Route 66 Ante-Post Portfolio….

This collection of carefully selected ante-post bets forms the foundation on which the whole Route 66 service is based and is the tool has helped defeat the bookmakers at the last 4 Cheltenham Festivals.

We have usually staked around 35 points by the time the festival starts and our bets are spread across the 4 day meeting with an interest in the vast majority of the 28 races.

Once all of the 66 races have taken place and the ante-post bets have been struck it’s just a case of sitting back and watching them run….



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  • 3 EXCLUSIVE Route 66 Bonus Races for October 12th/19th/26th
  • 5 important pre-January Irish Cheltenham Trials.
  • Full coverage of the Dublin Racing Festival (February 2020)
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Members will have full and unlimited access to a secure, password protected Members Area throughout their subscription where they will be able to download the many Race Guides provided in the Route 66 Service (see below). They will also be able to view the post race Race Reviews and freely access the Ante-Post Portfolio to make sure they are up to date with all recommendations.


For every Route 66 race run throughout the Season you’ll receive an indepth review of the race highlighting the horses to note for the Cheltenham Festival and any Ante-Post recommendations. These recommendations build up into our Ante-Post Portfolio over the course of the Season and has a 100% win record over all 4 Cheltenham Festivals it has covered.


Subscribers will receive email notification whenever content is added to the site including New Race Guides, Race Reviews and Ante-Post Selections. There will also be a monthly Update Sheet reviewing that month’s Route 66 Races and the current position of the Ante-Post Portfolio.


The 66 most informative races run throughout the National Hunt Season with the Cheltenham Festival in mind. Each race has been carefully researched and has proven itself over the last 12 years as an excellent trial for the Cheltenham Festival. Each Guide covers the past winners, the trends for the race and the horses that have come out of the race to win, or run well, at the Cheltenham Festival that same Season.


As an added bonus this year I have added 3 Exclusive Bonus Races to the Schedule. These 3 races take place during October and include a handicap that, over just 7 renewals, has provided 3 Cheltenham Festival winners (12/1, 14/1 & 33/1) and 6 placed runners including two Champion Hurdle thirds!


With a couple of big power house stables on the other side of the Irish Sea it would be folly to ignore the Irish Races that have been used by Mullins and Elliot to prep their Cheltenham Festival horses. So we have 5 of the best Irish Graded races that have a proven track record of providing Cheltenham Festival winners.


This newly formed meeting takes place around 5 weeks before the Cheltenham Festival and is perfectly positioned in the racing calendar to provide a fantastic stepping stone for the Irish challengers. With more and more Irish winners prepping for Cheltenham at this meeting it would be crazy not to give it our full attention. A full review of the meeting will be available on Monday 3rd February 2020 along with any recommended Ante-Post Portfolio selections.


The Pertemps Hurdle Final at the Cheltenham Festival is a unique race in that horses can only run if they have previously qualified for the race. They have to finish top 6 in one of the 15 Qualifiers run throughout the Season (at 15 different courses) to gain their place in the line up. Race reviews will be available for every Qualifier and final ante-post Selections will be added to the Portfolio once all 15 Qualifiers have been run.